Peek Into the Summer Homes of 8 East End Creatives


former fashion stylist and editor—and a granddaughter by marriage to style icon Babe Paley—Charmaine Burden knows the importance of a good fit. This summer, the Bridgehampton-based author and entrepreneur launched Hello Tailor, a bespoke service that offers luxury alteration and sartorial advice in the convenience of one's home.

CULTURED: Is there a space in your home where you feel most creative?


Charmaine Burden: I love my vegetable patch. I feel so inspired watching what I’ve planted grow. I love being out there with my pugs.


CULTURED: What was the impetus for starting your new company, and why does now feel like the right time?


Burden: I started Hello Tailor out of my own frustrations with getting my clothes tailored. My pile of alterations was huge. I had to take in my son’s pants to be hemmed. My husband’s beloved worn jeans had a giant hole. Every option for tailoring required taking clothes someplace, bringing my family members, and then picking it all up again. I thought, Why isn’t there a service that comes to you, pins things, tailors them, and delivers it all back? There was a need for this service, and I will be Hello Tailor’s best customer. I have to have almost everything I buy tailored—hemmed, taken in, let out, a lining added, a hole in a coat pocket mended, pockets taken out….


CULTURED: Where do you shop locally for the perfect frock?


Burden: I love Tenet, in Southampton and East Hampton, and Hampton Flea + Vintage.