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Luxury alterations for any type of garment, no matter how big or small. From casual to all designer brands, and all types of materials —we've got you covered.

Customization for all types of garments —from dying and applying trims and details, to embroidery and monogramming.

We repair holes; apply patches; replace zippers and buttons; and we find mending solutions for all your needs —including re-weaving sweaters.

We are firm believers in mindful, circular, and slow fashion. In addition to altering clothes, we mend and donate your unwanted garments to help protect the environment.

Expert tailoring and a
great fit make
a world of difference

* Convenience with a personal touch

A seamless first-class experience. After making an appointment online, a fitter will come to you to pin and mark your garments, then take your clothing to our atelier in NYC where all the work is done by our team of master seamstresses. When garments are ready, we will hand-deliver them to you tailored, steamed and ready to wear.

* Your style upgrade

The first advice a stylist will always give you is “get it tailored”. One size does not fit all the same way. We are individuals and our clothing should reflect that. Hello Tailor makes it easy to elevate your style by providing personalized advice and expert workmanship to make you look and feel your best.

* Expert craftsmanship

Our tailors have 30+ years of experience working with specialty fabrics at luxury fashion houses. Everything that is not handled by our in-house tailors is outsourced to our extremely skilled artisans —from around the world— specializing in different types of high-end materials.

"The clothes we wear say
something about who we are. Let’s make sure they’re saying the right thing."

Colin Firth, Actor and Sustainable fashion advocate

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